10 Best Selfie Drones 2019 with Affordable Cost (Foldable Drones)

Looking for the best selfie drone in 2019? Nowadays, drone selfies are quite popular due to teens and youngsters. Since regular selfie sticks quickly became old and boring, the selfie drones were the new cool gadget for social media addicts.

Taking selfies by using drones are much easier when compared to mobiles. Further, you can get great photographs with these drone quadcopters. Many new selfie camera drones are available on the market. Here I listed 10 best selfie drones with affordable price.

If you are a First time drone user and were nervous about if you could really fly a drone without crashing the first time and throwing away $500, let me put your mind at ease. If you like to buy a drone only to take selfies, then go for some cheap selfie drones such as selfie Pocket Fold Portable drone. No need to buy the expensive market leading drones such as Mavic pro, DJI Inspire Series, DJI Phantom series, etc.

If you are not a master at controlling the drones, then the big size drones may hurt you badly while you are taking selfie photographs. So better go for a small size and cheaper selfie drones. To buy a selfie drone, you have to consider the camera quality, cheap cost, automatic modes, and FPV.

10 Best Selfie Drones with Foldable Arms 2019

Most selfie drones are compact, foldable, easy to transport, and have an autonomous selfie mode to make taking pictures and videos easy for anyone to do. Here I listed 10 best selfie drones with affordable price.

1. DOBBY Mini Selfie Pocket Drone

Best Selfie drones with foldable arms

The DOBBY Mini Selfie Pocket Drone is the best selfie drone for the money. If you are the selfie lover, then you won’t forget this drone once you took a selfie. Honestly, I was impressed with this drone camera. The 13 MP HD drone camera is the best fit for the selfie shots even at long distances.

The size of the dobby drone is tiny, so we call it as a pocket-sized drone. It is easy to control with your phone’s swipe function or use the phone as a motion controller, real time image-monitoring on your phone. The 4K-image acquisition and a 1080P high definition digital video stabilizer give smooth images during the selfie photograph.

Further, this brilliant camera offers facial recognition, target tracking and 10s auto follow short video shooting. This is really a good thing for selfie shots.

You can also synchronize photos to your phone with one click and this drone has a sharing function to share your wonderful moments with your friends.


Key Specs
  • Camera: 13 MP
  • Control Range: 100 meters
  • Flying Time: 9 Minutes
  • Stabilization: 3 axis gyro
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • FPV: Yes
  • GPS: Yes

2. Pocket Selfie Drone Quadcopter JJRC H37

Best Selfie drones with foldable arms

Fun portable toy for $50. This selfie Pocket Fold Portable drone is designed ultimately for taking selfie Photographs. You can control your drone with your smartphone ( provided with wifi connection). You can also receive the real-time transmission from the drone camera to your phone!

This selfie drone also has the picture sharing feature as like the above drone. To give you smooth and steady flight, the drone automatically set the height and still hover at the release height.

Further, this drone has some advanced features such as a Headless mode to sets the automatic direction, 3D flips, rolls make the 360-degree rotations, LEDs for night flight, one key return to get your drone home. So no need to worry about missing your selfie drone.

This quadcopter is equipped with 3 speed modes, low, medium and fast. This allows you to fly, for instance, in small spaces with low speed and maximum control or in more spacious areas with a very fast speed.


Key Specs
  • Battery: 7V 500mAh(included)
  • Camera: 3MP
  • Channel: 4 Channel
  • Charging Time: About 120 mins
  • Control Distance: About 40m
  • Flight Time: About 8mins
  • Frequency: 4G
  • Gyro: 6 axis
  • Material: ABS
  • Quadcopter size: 5 * 6.5 * 2.5 (crankshaft fold)
  • Quadcopter weight: 73g

3. EACHINE E50 WIFI FPV Quadcopter

Best Selfie drones with camera

The Eachine E50 FPV Quadcopter is one of the best foldable selfie drones at a cheap cost. After testing this quadcopter out for 2 weeks, I now think you need one that folds up for easy transportation and one that is a heavy duty that you need a car to haul around.

This drone is easy to carry, due to its foldable arms and tiny size. This Innovative selfie drone has a 720P camera that allows you to get great selfies effortlessly.

The Built-in barometer with altitude hold function provides stable flight. The Wifi real-time transmission FPV system which can capture photos and record videos for your great memory.

It has lightweight airframe with nice durability, One-click automatic return ensures that you can call back your quadcopter without any delay, FPV, Mobile phone WiFi control, 3D flips, and headless mode.


Key Specs
  • Charging time: 120mins
  • Control distance: about 40m
  • Drone battery:7V 500mAh
  • Flying time: 8-15mins
  • Camera Resolution: 720p
  • Motor Type: Brushed Motor
  • Package weight:241 kg
  • Video Resolution: 720P
  • Product size:5*6.5*2.5cm (the arms are folded) 13.5*16*2.5cm (the arms not folded)

4. Cheerwing Syma X5SW

Best Selfie drones with foldable arms

Syma X5SW is one of the best drones for selfies with affordable price. The camera was better than expected and there is no delay whatsoever on the wifi transmission to my phone which is super important for flying when you can’t see the drone.

It’s only a 0.3mp camera but I have been impressed with the videos it can take. There’s no card for the camera so you have to use your phone. The blade guards are a bit light and flexible but seem to be adequate for the job.

Connecting the phone to the quad is simple using the free app. called SYMA FPV. The quad appears to be plenty durable, but definitely not indestructible. The control of this drone is good. It is very responsive and works great outdoors in light wind days.

Overall, this selfie drone is a Great buy for someone who starting out with Drones! For the price, it is well worth the money.


Key Specs
  • Camera: 0.3MP
  • Charging time: about 90 – 120 minutes
  • Control distance: About 50 meters
  • Drone battery: 3.7V 500 mAh Li-po battery
  • Flying time: about 6-7 minutes
  • FPV Wifi Transmission: 640*480P / 30FPS
  • Headless mode: Yes
  • Real-time shooting function: Yes
  • Support Phone Type: iOS / Android

5. U818A Drone with HD Camera

Best Selfie drones with foldable arms

For under $100, this U818A HD+ Drone is great. This UDI drone has a much better camera, especially in low-light conditions. The controller is smooth and the durability too awesome in this affordable cost.

I think this is a perfect copter for someone to learn on. The blades are protected from being easily damaged in a crash. It is mounted with powerful motors to get long lasting flight time. Also, the inbuilt propeller guards save the quadcopter from crashes.

The real-time transmission was pretty accurate and I can say that this is the best drone under $100 with a camera. Overall, this cheap drone was just breathtaking when it is flying, and I had so much fun with it so far.


Key Specs
  • Camera: 2 MP
  • Charging Time: 90-120 mins
  • Controller: 4 Channel
  • FAA registration: Not Required.
  • Flight time: 7-9 mins
  • Transmitter: 4GHz
  • Video Quality: 720 HD
  • Weight: 5 oz

6. Yuneec YUNFCAUS Breeze Drone

Best Selfie drones with foldable arms

As its name conveys, the Yuneec Breeze is a superb flying camera, perfect for beginners. If you are a 1st time drone user and were nervous about if you could really fly a drone without crashing the first time and throwing away $500, let me put your mind at ease.

Here is the key to this drone. This is a selfie drone which can be used to take nice videos and aerial photos, both the drone and the app are very stable. You start it with your smartphone. It lifts off by itself at about 3 feet. Then hovers and waits for your next command. On your smartphone, you guide the drone up turn left or turn right, take your hand off your smartphone, then it hovers and waits for your next command.

The compact and on-the-go foldable propellers make this powerful flying camera drone easy to carry. Nowadays, selfies have evolved and adapted to the modern world. This mini selfie drones are characterized by their small size and stable cameras.


Key Specs
  • Flight time: about 10-12 minutes
  • Charging time: about 45-60 minutes.
  • Camera: 13 MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Flight Modes: Selfie, Pilot, Orbit, Journey, Follow Me.

7. 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter

Best Selfie drones with foldable arms

The 3DR Solo is the GoPro supported Selfie drone. Put yourself in the center of a scenic aerial pull-out. As Solo flies itself up and back, your surroundings expand, building and revealing more and more of the world around you—it’s a portrait and a landscape all at once. Record the clip directly to your phone for easy saving and sharing.

Amazing drone for the price is a steal. It’s a very powerful very good balance you will always record like a pro. The camera goes pro 4 with the gimbal will always stay level no matter what it’s a great experience every time I fly it. The Solo includes the Solo Gimbal, a 3-axis stabilizer compatible with the GoPro HERO3+ or HERO4 action camera.

This is one of the best GoPro attached quadcopters for selfies. This long distance remote control drone is my first choice if you have a good budget.


Key Specs
  • Battery Life: 22 minutes
  • Battery: 5200-mAh Li-ion
  • Camera: GoPro Hero 3+/4
  • Drone Distance: 1 km
  • Flight Time: 20-22 minutes
  • Rotors: 4 replaceable rotors
  • Smartphone Control: Yes
  • Weight: 35 lbs. 

8. SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Selfie Drone

Best Selfie drones with foldable arms

The Nano 2 FPV Selfie Drone is the world’s smallest camera drone. Yes! Only 1.6 inches wide you can take it wherever you go! This is a perfect budget selfie camera drone.

No more selfie sticks or asking somebody to take a picture! Flying HD Camera (1280х720) will capture all your friends, landscapes and flight adventures with HD quality without having to spend hundreds!

You can easily control this nano selfie drone with mobile devices. Also, the app gives a First Person View (FPV) of exactly what the drone sees. It also has 3-Level Adjustable Controller Sensitivity, 6-Axis gyro, Altitude hold, and auto takeoff and landing.

Overall, the smallest drone with a camera I have ever seen! It is the best mini selfie drone with portability.


Key Specs
  • Camera Resolution: 1280х720
  • Stabilization: 6-Axis gyro
  • FPV: Yes
  • Control Distance: up to 50 Meters
  • Flying time: about 10 – 15 Minutes
  • Charging time: about 25 – 30 Minutes.

9. OKPOW Pocket Selfie Drone

Best Selfie drones with foldable arms

OKPOW Pocker selfie drone is another mini selfie drone at an affordable cost. It has a 2.0MP camera and 720p Video for a selfie, exquisite package, FPV, pink color, and one-key selfie. Really a great gift!

As like other selfie drones, you can control this pocket drone with wifi enables smartphones. This drone is foldable, so the drone becomes lighter and easy to take with you anywhere.

This is a fun little quad. It does fold up, and flies easily (easier with WiFi UFO app, free). I wouldn’t say it’s for someone who’s never flown a quad, though. If you haven’t, and still buy it, practice in a breeze free large area.


Key Specs
  • Battery: 7v/500mAh
  • Charging time: About 2 hours
  • Control distance: About 40m
  • Camera: 2 MP
  • Controller: 4GHz
  • Drone size: 5*6.5*2.5cm(folded)/13.5*16*2.5cm(unfolded)
  • Flight time: About 7-8 minutes
  • Gyroscope: 6-Axis
  • Item weight: 2kg
  • Material: ABS plastic

10. JJRC H37 Pocket Folding Portable Drone

Best Selfie drones with foldable arms

The JJRC H37 quadcopter by LHI is pretty awesome selfie drone. Yes, it flies using the app on your cell phone (once downloaded and installed). Wireless links allow you to transfer pictures and videos from your camera in real time and store them on your phone, making it easier for you to share your happiness with your friends.

I love the way it folds and unfolds because I can take it anywhere and it does not take up a lot of space in my backpack. The flip function works and the controls are easy once you get the hang of them. The camera is decent for its size and overall takes pretty good video.

The drone is Foldable, small size, and easy to carry. The notable features are the flexible control, Self-timer function Innovative aerial photography new mode, 3-speed modes, 6-axis gyroscope, 3D rolling, 360 degrees of rotation, and LEDs.


Key Specs
  • Charging time: 120 minutes
  • Control distance: about 40m
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Video Resolution: 720 p
  • Camera: 3 MP
  • Battery:7v 500mAh
  • Flight time: 7-8 minutes

In a Nutshell,

Are you looking for the best selfie drone 2019? Nowadays, drone selfies are quite popular due to teens and youngsters. Since regular selfie sticks quickly became old and boring, the selfie drones were the new cool gadget for social media addicts.

Taking selfies by using drones are much easier when compared to mobiles. Further, you can get great photographs with these drone quadcopters. Many new selfie camera drones are available in the market. Here I listed 10 best selfie drones with affordable price.

Hope this list will help you in buying your best selfie drone 2019. Did I miss any selfie drones or quadcopters? Let me know in the comments below.

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