How to Make Money With a Drone Easily 2019 (16 Drone Business Ideas)

How to make money with a drone in 2019? The U.S.-based pilots are already making money with their drones. There are many ways to earn money from flying your drone. Making money with drones is not a tedious task, it’s very easier than what you think about it!

If you are technically motivated and looking to start a new business, then why not you can take advantage of one of the latest trends in the business? Offering drone business would be an ideal income for the part-time, full-time or even home based jobs.

How to Make Money With a Drone

The Drone market is very huge, as a result, you can find many drone business ideas within few minutes. This article presents some of the best drone business ideas to take advantage of the trend.

As with most other technical devices, competition in the market continues to drive down drone prices and quickly advance the technology. The Safety features, control distance, reliability, and battery life also continue to improve. Affordable drones now available with the following features,

How Do You Make Money With Your Drone 2019?

There are many ways to make money with a drone. The possibilities are numerous, especially if you’re creative enough. Here I listed 15 creative and easy ways to earn money with your drone.

1. Drone Photography Business

One of the most common ways to make money with drones is selling the aerial pics and videos to people. This the first and foremost business model that each and every drone business marketer must give priority.

As you know, taking photographs or video from the air is very expensive. The advancement of drones makes it easier since they replaced the expensive traditional aircraft.

With the advent of low-cost drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, the drone photography business is a cakewalk for most of the photographers. There are lots of great drones with crystal clear high-resolution capabilities, such as the Phantom 3 Professional with 4K video and you can also mount your GoPro-camera on a drone.

Nowadays, Photographers routinely use drones to take high-quality images and video from the air for the following photography businesses,

  • Filmmaking and TV subjects
  • Landscapes
  • Real estate
  • Sporting events
  • Weddings and other special events
  • Wildlife photography

Why does this business matter?

  • Low cost
  • Close snaps than other forms of photography
  • Only a few people trained with drones

2. Aerial Surveying

Many people haven’t yet realized the potential of aerial photography. There are several reasons why land surveyors are increasingly adding drones to their portfolio of instruments. The Small UAVs are capable of taking a variety of good visual imagery payloads than the traditional aircraft.

drone business ideas

Also, by employing the small unmanned systems for the aerial surveying reduces enormous cost savings. So, the Small UAV operators are quickly finding a position in digital photogrammetric mapping and orthophotography services, making this a great drone business idea. With the help of a base station and GPS, drones can gather 3D cartographic information. Many aerial photography drones are available at affordable cost to fulfill your needs.

Why does this business matter?

  • By acquiring raster data from the sky, a drone reduces time spent on collecting data.
  • Drone collects huge amount of data in one fly
  • If collecting data is simple, you can focus more on analyzing data.
  • No harm to the employees.

Some of the Industries using drones for Aerial Photography,

  • Archaeology
  • Construction
  • Flood and pollution monitoring
  • Forestry management
  • Mining and oil and gas
  • Urban planning by municipalities

3. Building Inspections

Roof inspection by hand can be an involved, very costly, and risky process, predominantly in multi-story buildings. With the advancement of drones, building inspections can be done safely and cheaply.

A drone can do a close-up survey of the exterior of a building and capture high-quality video of the roof, building envelope, gutters, chimneys, etc. This will help the owner of the building to detect trouble spots in advance.

A drone inspection service could be an ideal business if you have some background knowledge in the construction part.

4. Agricultural Surveys

The ability to survey agricultural fields from the air with inexpensive drones equipped with a variety of sensors allows a farmer to collect useful data about the following analysis,

  • Pest/fungal infestations
  • Soil hydration
  • Variations in soil composition

Obviously, the unmanned aerial vehicle helps in optimal crop irrigation, fertilization, and pest control. This will maximize the crop yields with a cheap budget.

5. YouTube Channel Monetization

Monetizing a YouTube channel is one of the easiest ways to make money. Making money with drones is much easier with drones. A lot of You Tubers generates income in mid-5 figures with this business.

Most of the drone YouTubers covers video footage of travel industries. In YouTube, you can notice a lot of travel videos taken by drones. Also, few people can create their own channel and make money with those videos.

Try to post move beautiful videos, thereby you can get more subscribers. More subscribers mean you can get more page visits. This will convert it to money.

6. Drone Delivery Services

Now, drone delivery this is the trending drone business idea. Just now the e-commerce giant, Amazon successfully delivered an item with the help of drones.

Even Facebook started delivery using drones. No wonder that the big business giants entering into this business. They knew the market prediction than us. This shows you how big the drone delivery business and its impact in the future world.

If a ground vehicle transportation is difficult due to logistics or too expensive, then drone deliveries are the innovative solution.

7. Search and Rescue Operations

Hope you already know about the importance of this business. Even though most companies doing this as a service, involvement of drones in this area is quite remarkable.

How to Make Money With a Drone

UAVs with infrared or night vision sensors allows search and rescue teams to detect missing individuals by heat emissions. Also, drones can deliver emergency supplies effectively.

Why does this business matter?

  • Drones are able to fly at night.
  • Reach the places where helicopters are unable to travel.
  • No need to stop the rescue process in bad lighting conditions or bad weather.
  • Rescue operations carried at cheap cost.

8. Underwater Inspections

Nearly for a decade, we are using submersible drones for underwater inspections. But that time, due to its high cost, only the research institutions and big industries were involved in this business.

But, now underwater drones are becoming available for less than $50 and can be remotely controlled by a smartphone. This opening up all kinds of drone business ideas among youngsters.

Here are the business ideas behind underwater inspections,

  • Aquaculture
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Law enforcement
  • Marine research
  • Search and recovery
  • Underwater Inspections
  • Coral reef photography

9. 3D Mapping

Mapping services are needed in the agriculture, mining, oil and natural gas, private sectors, power plants and real estate sectors, and a birds-eye view offers a quick and effective way of doing things.

You can use fpv drones for this business.

10. Drone Repair and Training

This is one of the most profitable business without spending much money. You can provide drone flying training to the beginners and also can do repairing services for the damaged drones.

Most people earning good money in the drone training business. But you need to be the master of flying drones to start the business. Else you can hire some experts to teach your customers.

As a side business, you can also rent your drones for additional income. But before that make sure that your drones are insured properly.

11. Drone Consultancy Business

This is one of the new booming drone business ideas. There are many nontechie people out there in a need for drones. They do not how to select a drone for their purpose. You can help them by selecting the best drones for their requirements and get a commission for the consultancy work.

If you do consultant work for the company, then you can get a huge Lump sum of money.

12. Banner Advertising

make money with drones

There is no better time to make money with a drone? Then try this one. This can be somewhat like flying a banner with a message over an event, to managing an aerial light show above a music concert. Drone-captured videos can also help with marketing. For example, A Restaurant in the main location might be able to make use of a comprehensive aerial shot of its grounds.

13. Fishing

Don’t be surprised about fishing with drones. Most people do not hear about this thing. Fishing is the trending drone business idea.  It is a fun outdoor activity that has recently been popularized by advanced quadcopter technology. How to make money with a drone fishing? A fishing drone can help the modern fisherman with their fishing trip in a variety of ways. With the help of drones, you can easily catch the fishes.

Some tech person uses the Ultra HD GoPro camera drones to identify the fishing drones and then capture it easily. Often it saves time and cost of searching. i.e It can identify spots in your area where fish may be found. The waterproof drones and submerged drones can help you to start this business.

14. News Footage

This is a growing industry with a lot of opportunities. Okay, how this business helps to make money? The pilot was flying FPV using a GoPro video camera mounted in the aircraft and sending the video feedback to a monitor attached to his controller. The news reporter got this information and publish it in their press releases or newspaper.

This type of newsgathering may reduce the field work, also you can get complete coverage of the incident without any distraction. Also, a journalist may stay at the safe distance and thereby avoid the dangerous situations.

15. Racing

Are you a drone race lover? Then you might be interested in this idea to make money. Drone racing is a growing sport in which pilots wearing virtual reality headsets guide their camera-mounted quadcopters and trying to win the race.

A 15-year old Luke Bannister from the UK who won the first place prize of $250,000 in that event. Brian Morris competes in the first-ever World Drone Prix and won $275,000 (from all racing events in that World Prix).

This shows you how a drone race racer can earn money with the drone. The key thing to note here is your hobby makes money without any investment!

16. Selling Aerial Photographs

This one is a way to make money with a drone. The idea is to find the attractive and exotic places with stunning natural beauty with nice landscapes, tourist attractions or some popular landmarks. Then take aerial photographs and sell it, that’s all. Why can’t you try the Ultra HD camera drones that can take high-resolution images and video to start your business?

Okay, where can you sell your Photographs? Is there any audience to buy your Images? There are many places to sell your photographs such as Stock Photography, beach resorts, golf courses, blogs, small industries, scenic lovers, amusement parks, city squares, etc. (This article helps you to find the places where you can sell your pictures.)

How to Start With a Drone Industry?

Okay, now you are familiar with how to make money with a drone. So, it’s a time to make an action. How can you start with the drone industry?

Starting the abovementioned drone business is easy. For that, you need just 3 things

Make sure that you must obey the FAA’s drone rules and regulations while flying the drone. You can Check the Drone no-fly zone airspace map to know the restricted flying areas. But before you make money with your drone, become a certified remote pilot.

To start the drone business and make money, obviously, you need a drone. Okay, how to select your drone. Don’t go barely and select it as you like. Every drone must serve its purpose. So choose the drone wisely as per your requirements. Here is the list of drone-buying guide to help you out.

In a Nutshell,

How to make money with a drone in 2019? There are many ways to earn money from flying your drone.  Hope in this post, you can find many creative and easy ways of making money with drones.

Get your drone as per the requirement, start your business and be rich. Remember, not buying a drone makes you rich. You have to work hard to establish yourself in the industry. If you are a beginner to the drone industry, I strongly recommend you not to invest in costly drones initially.

Get a cheap drone, fly and train yourself and then go for the above-listed drones. Also, it’s important to know about the drone basics before you start to buy a drone for your business.

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David Knox is an FAA-certified drone pilot and I have been in this industry for 8+ years. With his long experience, he likes to help newbies and the professionals to find the best drones for their purpose so that they become a successful drone pilot and can enjoy flying the drones.

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