Real Estate Agents are Turning to Drone Videos to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Drones have changed many industries, but none has benefitted as much as the real estate industry. Taking aerial photos and drone videos have never been easier and more affordable.

Real estate agents used to rely on helicopters and airplanes as well as other very expensive methods to capture aerial photography. Not only were these options expensive, but the quality was hit or miss.

Drones, on the other hand, are not only cheaper but are also capable of taking better photographs from more angles.

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The Online Battleground to Sell More Properties

Real Estate Agents now have the ability to take stunning aerial photographs and high definition videos that are extremely detailed. Studies have shown that properties that feature videos in their listings tend to receive more attention than those with standard photographs.

Studies have also shown that 90% of all potential homebuyers first search for properties online before contacting a real estate agent. An overwhelming majority of online real estate listings feature still photos, but very few are taking advantage of videos. While well-taken photos can display a property’s beauty, it can’t be compared to the sheer beauty and elegance that a video introduces to the listing.

There has been a huge increase in real estate agents using videos on their listings. Videos are more captivating and can really highlight a property in ways that photos simply cannot. In the real estate industry, capturing the attention of a buyer is the number one priority and real estate drone videos do this perfectly.

Videos highlight a property’s features much better than still photos. In addition, drone videos also give the potential buyer a chance to view the surrounding areas and take stock of who their neighbors would be if they purchase the property.  Aerial photos can show off local amenities surrounding the property such as schools, parks, local transportation and much more giving you a great overview of the neighborhood.

The Advantages of Drones are Endless

Drone videos are also engaging and can highlight all the stand-out features of the property. Drones are able to show off swimming pools, backyards, gardens, decks and other important features of the property that ground photos simply cannot capture.

While the benefits are many, some real estate agencies are not using Drone Videos simply because they don’t know where to begin.  Filming a drone video is not as easy as purchasing a drone and taking to the air. There are many things to take into consideration before your first flight.

Before you fly a drone, you must be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly commercially. It’s also important to have insurance just in case something goes wrong.  But being insured and licensed it still just the beginning. Learning to fly a drone while capturing all of the right angles can be a time-consuming process to master.

Once a property is filmed, there is still more work that needs to be done. The videos and photos need to edited, color corrected. This alone takes skilled editors to do. Then once the editing is done, you need to put the video and photos onto a webpage that can be easily shared online and on MLS websites.

This is where comes in. We are a nationwide media company specializing in Aerial Photography and Drone Videos. We have professional Drone Operators across the country who are licensed, experienced, insured and have passed background checks.

We can have one of our professional Drone Operators out to your property in as little as 24 hours notice and can have the edited videos and photos back to you 48 hours after the job is filmed.


Our pricing is a flat rate fee of $250 for a Single Property Listing so you never have to worry about hidden fees or sales. For $250, you will receive between 10-20 Hi-Res photos as well as 1-1.5 minutes of 4K Hi-Definition video.

Ordering has never been easier using our online scheduling system. It takes less than 2 minutes to place your order. Just tell us the location, the time and date and we will do the rest. Best of all, you do not even need to be present the day of the shoot.  Worried about the weather, or need to reschedule, no worries! Our automated scheduling system allows you reschedule with a click of a button. More importantly, there are no extra fees when you reschedule.

After we film the listing, not only do we color correct, edit, brand and put music on the videos, but we present the photos and videos to you on an SEO Friendly webpage. You can then easily share the webpage on your website, social media and even on MLS sites quickly and easily.

We’ve been in the industry for years and have worked with many Real Estate Agents to find out exactly what they were looking for to provide this amazing service at an extremely affordable rate.

Best of all, you own the copyrights to both the videos and photos we film for you. You are welcome to use the media however you would like on any platform online and you never have to pay any more fees ever again.  We also give you the option of listing your videos and photos for sale on our stock footage section of

Many movie and film editors are always looking to for stock aerial footage to use in their projects. With a click of a button, you can list your media for sale and get paid every time someone purchases it. This is completely optional, but a great way to earn some extra money from your content.

Besides filming real estate videos, we also film Golf Courses, Roof Inspections, Construction sites, and Farms. No matter your aerial needs, we have professional Drone Operators who can film your job, quickly, professionally and affordable.

To learn more about our amazing aerial photography services and to view samples of our work, please visit us today at

“We look forward to flying for you!”

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David Knox is an FAA-certified drone pilot and I have been in this industry for 8+ years. With his long experience, he likes to help newbies and the professionals to find the best drones for their purpose so that they become a successful drone pilot and can enjoy flying the drones.

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